Decking WPC

Non-slippery & Barefoot-friendly deck, the surface is roughened by brushing.

The GWC deck acts in its smallest particles, the open wooden fibers on the surface, like nature does. In the weathering process, the open wooden structures on the surface are transformed into cellulose. This optical colour change stops after about half a year when the patina has been fully formed. This elegant cellulose patina itself then acts as natural protection adding to the UV stabilization. Slight color changes and shades are desired, and emphasize the natural wooden appearance.

Soft underfoot and essentially waterproof, vinyl flooring makes a perfect, smart choice for your kitchen by providing ample cushioning and time-saving clean-up. Keeping a constant temperature during the cold and hot months, vinyl tile flooring is comfortable enough to walk on barefoot and stand on for hours while cooking.

Platinum® Collection vinyl performs amazingly in a home with active pets. The wear and tear or scratches from cats and dogs, as well as their accidents, are no match for vinyl flooring. Resistant to muddy paw prints and human shoeprints alike, vinyl tile remains durable enough for utility areas, bathrooms and even hallways.

With fifty-percent recycled content and certified low VOC, the Vinyl Platinum® Collection of luxury vinyl tile is an environmentally friendly selection for either residential or commercial environments.